Does SignNiche offer wholesale?

We currently are not accepting wholesale orders.


How do you make your stuff?

So, we kinda get this a lot. We don't go into detail, but we can tell you that we use aged wood, and it's all handcrafted. All wood is at least 25 years old and comes from local farms and fallen structures in the middle Tennessee area. We use this material to give our clients a piece of southern history. From tearing down old barns and structures to cutting to sanding, we do it all. Some items are even painted by hand. We use all types of wood including oak, pine and poplar. We also use other materials such as barn roof tin. This is also from our farm and other local farms in the area.


Can you create a custom design that only I can sell at my store?

We can create a custom, exclusive design for your business or store for an additional fee. Please email for more information.


Is delivery or pickup available?

Some pieces or orders are very large. We are happy to offer local pickup in Smithville at no charge. We can deliver for an additional fee in the greater Nashville area. 


Are custom orders available?

Absolutely! We love to create custom designs. Claire has been a graphic designer for over 30 years. She is an expert and has the best programs to create your custom piece! Email us at and let us know what you have in mind. Custom orders include an additional fee.


Where can I buy SignNiche pieces?

Check out a list of all of our featured stores here. We have some of the best retailers in Tennessee! You can buy at one of those locations or order online. You can also come see us at a local festival where we showcase all in-stock items.


Where can I see all of the pieces that you offer?

We house most of our work on the website. However, there are some larger pieces that are impossible to ship. We also create exclusive pieces for local festivals that we attend. The best thing to do is come see us! We love meeting our fans and showing off our work. We showcase all in-stock items at festivals. To see where we will be next, click here.


Do you accept debit or credit cards at events?

We accept cash, debit or credit cards at all of our events. Please note: We do not accept personal checks for any reason.


Still have a question? Let us know.